Remote workspace opportunities in the gig economy

We live in a world where  remote work is more practical and accessible than ever. High-speed Internet access is virtually everywhere, and it’s never been easier to stay connected with your employees and customers.

Unless, of course, your business relies on  physical space, we’ve been gifted with mobility like no other human generation has ever had.

But here’s why remote work is really important for entrepreneurs: The reality of building a business is that it requires you to create value and how do you get there, without gaining experience?

The accumulation of diverse human experiences is what helps you to better empathize with others; it is what increases creativity (and the openness that facilitates it); and it helps you get different perspectives on life that challenge your value system. It allows you to see the world outside of your own world.

Steve Jobs knew this well and described it in a 1996 interview with Gary Wolf when he said:

“A lot of people in our industry don’t have diverse experiences, so they don’t have enough dots to connect and they end up coming up with very linear solutions without a broad perspective of the problem.  better design we’ll have.”

The monotony of going to the office every day like everyone else, in and out at the same time  inevitably leads to one of two things: complacency or a lack of originality.

When you’re away, you can automatically change the environment, the people you interact with, and the tools  you use at any time. More importantly, you give yourself the opportunity to be closer to the customer experience, instead of sitting behind a desk in the corner of your  office.

In other words, you allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone; puts you in a position to mediate and relate to the real problems of other human beings. This has become essential in the success of businesses

Not only is this possible and accessible to more and more people, but it could also be the future of how we build businesses.

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