Chief apologizes for sitting down during national anthem, but defend his decision for sitting down

Nii Torgbor Obodai Ampaw VI, Chief of Mempeasem Village near East Legon in the East Ayawaso District of the Greater Accra Region, earnestly apologized for not being able to get up and observe the national anthem as it was played at a public event.

In a viral video of Ghana’s Green Day celebrations last week, President Akufo-Addo was seen angrily ordering the Greater Accra Regional Minister to force the head to line up. The event celebrated at the University of Ghana took an interesting turn when the minister, Henry Quartey, then walked over to the head to speak to him.

Three days later, Nii Torgbor explained the circumstances of his actions, emphasizing that he did not voluntarily renounce his patriotic duty.

“No patriotic son of the country would go, let alone a leader, let alone the presence of the president and other distinguished guests. I didn’t wake up to watch the national anthem because I felt weak,” he said in a statement.
He said that despite being on medication, he had to attend the event because he shares the president’s vision for the Ghana Green Day initiative and “hopes that everything will go right.” plan so that I can retire in time to continue my recovery.”

“Unfortunately for me, the show started quite late. I sat for a while and therefore felt weak due to the effects of the medication and my health was not good by the time the national anthem was being performed, that’s why I couldn’t stand to watch it. I immediately apologized to the president through the regional minister.

He went on to dispel rumors that he flouted all protocols during the event.

“After that, even though I was not feeling well, I did my best to stand up to say the opening prayer and then sing the second national anthem at the end of the program to pay respects to the President. country and all respected people. guest. This contrasts with the false impression created in a circle that I sat in throughout the show.

“Therefore, by this communication, I deeply apologize and also encourage all Ghanaians to refrain from their reactions, especially towards the country’s Number One Gentleman. The president is the guardian of our sovereignty and therefore it is his duty to always fervently defend that sovereignty,” he added.

Read the full statement below;

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