4 million displaced people at risk of starvation and diseases in Sudan

Millions displaced in Sudan are running out of food and water. According to the United Nations, conflict between government forces and paramilitary group RSF has displaced nearly 3 million people.

“We need more attention, and to be honest, the help that has come to us is no longer coming to us, and since the end of Ramadan and last Eid, we have not received any anything but bread. It happened only once two days ago,” said Sudanese IDP Adam Salem.

A former all-girls school in central Sudan is home to about a thousand refugees. “930 people live in this house (university, editor’s note), 136 families, including 420 children, and also 23 to 24 pregnant women, 6 of whom have given birth.

Add to that almost 150 common chronic diseases like blood pressure, cartilage and diabetes, and we have 20 babies,” said Mohamed Khaled, a member of the Relief Initiative for People with Displacement. relocated in Sudan, said.

The conflict in Sudan has killed around 3,000 people and the United Nations has warned of possible crimes against humanity in the western region of Darfur.

“There is no interaction from international organizations and we do not know if the obstacles are from the organizations themselves or from the government, and even the government has so far not intervened,” concluded Mohamed Khaled.

On Wednesday, The UK announced sanctions against companies it says are linked to Sudanese military groups on both sides of the conflict on Wednesday.

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