Emmanuel Macron accuse, “Putin of destabilizing governments in Africa.”

On Friday, Emmanuel Macron accused Russia of being a “destabilizing force in Africa”, in an interview with franceinfo/RFI/France 24 on the sidelines of the Paris summit, the Kremlin assured that it was developing “constructive relationship” with Russia.

“It is a force that destabilizes Africa through private militias that go ahead and commit acts of violence against civilians,” the French president said, noting that “this was recognized by the United Nations in the Central  through Wagner. Militia”.

According to him, “Russia has voluntarily placed itself in a position of no longer respecting international law, where it has once again become one of the few colonial powers of the 21st century, by waging a war imperialist war against neighboring Ukraine.”

The Kremlin hastily denied these allegations, assuring that it was developing “constructive relations” in Africa with countries on the continent. “We are developing friendly and constructive relations with African countries said

Russia based on mutual respect,” Russian President’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters. He also stressed that these relations “are not and cannot be directed against third countries”.

Since the start of its invasion of Ukraine, Russia has sought to strengthen economic and diplomatic ties with Africa, competing in some countries with France, the continent’s former colonial power.

At the end of July, Russia will hold the second Russia-Africa summit in Saint Petersburg (northwest), a way of showing understanding with its African partners despite the conflict in Ukraine.

A delegation of African heads of state also visited Russia last weekend, advocating an end to the war with Vladimir Putin and promoting proposals that the Kremlin considers “very difficult to implement”.

In Africa, Russia is trying to draw African leaders to its side by claiming to be a bulwark against imperialism and accusing the West of using sanctions to stop it. Grains and fertilizer exports of Russian are essential commodities for many countries.

Speaking on France Info/RFI/France 24 on Friday, Emmanuel Macron did not rule out the possibility of negotiations with Vladimir Putin if the opportunity arises and if the conditions are met.

What if the Russian president calls him tomorrow? “Of course I’ll pick up the phone,” Macron said. “If he calls me to propose something, I will accept it, because France has always been a power that facilitates and mediates.”

But, he stressed, “the resumption of dialogue is only possible with respect for international law, which is the only law that allows us to live together in peace.” He also reiterated that he himself “had no reason to call Vladimir

Putin today” during the Ukraine counterattack. “I hope the time will come to negotiate on Ukraine’s terms.”

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