Harry Styles performance leaves ‘boss of feathers’ in Cardiff

Cardiff residents woke up to a ‘bottleneck massacre’ after the first of two Harry Styles concerts in the city. And locals have more color to look forward to as the star prepares to do it all again in front of 60,000 spectators at City Stadium on Wednesday.

Styles flew the Welsh flag at his first concert in Cardiff and said it was “a pleasure” to be in Wales. Some fans had spent days camping outside the stadium before.

The lavish dress has become synonymous with Harry’s style, so the bright colors and feathered bodice are popular among fans. On Twitter, one Cardiff resident described the shedding scene in the city center on Wednesday morning as a “furry boa massacre”.

Cardiff Council says the feathers will be sent to an energy waste management facility to help generate green energy and continue recycling.

Zoe, 29, said she traveled from Brighton to the Welsh capital for a performance on Wednesday and said of the colorful litter: “I think it’s pretty cute. It’s beautiful to see all the feathers dance and all that. “But it’s obviously not good for the environment to let all these feathers float around the city.”

And she said she thought Styles would be “quite upset” about the trash. “He would probably care, because he cares about things like that,” she said. “But he’s not selling them, it’s not his sales team – it’s outsiders selling them.”

Meanwhile, 25-year-old Ellen, from Bristol, said: “I think Cardiff can solve some small problems. “It’s definitely a  sign of a good evening and brightens the place up a bit.”

But she added that the city “needs to be cleaned up”. Ellen said the colorful feathers were ‘a sign of a good evening’ Styles’ two gigs in Cardiff are part of his world tour, which will then take him to Belgium on Saturday.

During Tuesday’s concert, Styles paused the music to read signs from fans, including a girl named Alicia that read: “Harry, I’m gay, help me. ”

“Alicia, I think you just did,” Styles said, before wrapping herself in a pride flag. Feathers were seen across Cardiff city center on Wednesday morning

Styles also pointed out the Elliot and Sian couple, who threw a cup at him with the words “name our baby” on it.
The former One Direction star then paused the show so that the pregnant Sian could go to the bathroom.

When she turned around, he asked the audience to clap for their favorite name among Stevie, Harley, Rafe and Caleb’s picks – Stevie received the warmest cheers.

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