Mozambique cholera infections raise

Ministry of Health in Mozambique are battling the country’s worst cholera outbreak in more than 20 years. The number of cholera cases increased after the country was hit by Hurricane Freddy in late February. The coastal town of Quelimane in northern Mozambique has become a cholera hotspot.

“Quelimane is a low town. It’s a swamp. Therefore, the groundwater level is very high, so that wastewater and water will mix together. So it also poses a challenge in fighting cholera, and people are drawing water from these contaminated water sources,” said Michael Chimedza, head of the United Nations Foundation’s field office forchildren (UNICEF).

Health Organizations like the United Nations, World Health Organization and Doctors Without Borders were treating more than 400 cases a day. The numbers have dropped since then. “Not enough beds because the number is very, very, high.

It is a success story. We’ve had less than 20 cases in the last two weeks. This means that in a month we have gone from an uncontrollable cholera epidemic, to it being under control. It’s not easy. I worked more than 18 hours a day,” admits Carlos Mafia, Nutrition and Health Specialist, UNICEF.

Mass vaccination campaigns and public awareness programs, specifically targeting pregnant women, have played a key role in preventing new infections.

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