Tunisian authorities say deadly attack on synagogue in Djerba was pre-planned

Tunisia’s interior minister said on Thursday that the national guard forces behind an attack that killed five people this week had intentionally targeted the ancient synagogue on the Mediterranean island of Djerba in anattack. pre-calculatedmotion.

Interior Minister Kamel Fekih has pledged to do his best to ensure the stability of the country and protect foreigners following Tuesday’s bombings that killed three soldiers and two civilians who were taking part in a international pilgrimage to Al Ghriba Synagogue, considered one of the most important in the world.

The oldest Jewish temples about ten people were injured. Tunisian authorities released the name of the shooter Wissam Khazri and said he planned the attack, but gave no explanation why. Fekih said the gunman was killed by security forces within 120 seconds of arriving outside the synagogue grounds. The French counter-terrorism prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation into the murder; A French citizen was among the victims.

The Interior Minister urged the security services to be vigilant against any attempts to destabilize the country. On Wednesday, President Kais Saied said the country remained safe, despite the attack on the synagogue. Kais Saied said the aim of those behind the attack was to “sow the seeds of conflict and hit the tourist season” that is about to begin in the country. Tunisia is mired in political and economic crises, and the attack on the synagogue is another blow to its once thriving tourism industry and vibrant Jewish community.

The island’s historic Ghriba Synagogue, considered one of the oldest Jewish temples in the world, is a popular pilgrimage destination. The synagogue has attracted more pilgrims this year about 6,000 from the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe and elsewhere than in the past, synagogue committee chairman Perez Trabelsi said. Four other members of the Tunisian security forces are still being treated at a hospital in Djerba, including one in critical condition.

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