Nigerian President-elect touring Europe

Nigeria President-elect left for Europe for visit and work. He is expected to return soon to prepare for the official swearing-in ceremony as the country’s 16th president on May 29. Bola Tinubu is expected to join other key investors and allies with the aim of facilitating investment opportunities in the country.

This is the second time Bola Tinubu has left the country after being declared president-elect on March 1.
The president-elect should use this trip to refine his transition plans and programs, as well as his political choices, with some of his key collaborators. Meetings with multidisciplinary players from the European business community – industry, agriculture, technology and energy – are planned.

“Reviving the country’s economy is an important part of Bola Tinubu’s New Hope program and this trip is part of his efforts to restore Nigeria’s prominent position in the global economic chain.” demand and create opportunities to empower the country’s huge young population,” a statement from his cabinet said.
The statement also said he would return soon to prepare for his official inauguration as the country’s 16th president on May 29.

Before leaving the country, the president-elect met with the presidential candidates and vice-presidents of the House of Representatives supported by his party, the All Progressive Congress, Tajudeen Abbas and Benjamin Kalu.

Bola Tinubu’s victory was contested before the Presidential Court of Appeals.

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