Mali’s army and foreign mercenaries execute more than 500 people in 2022 in Moura (UN)

The United Nations on Friday accused Malian troops and “foreign” militants of executing at least 500 people in March 2022 during an anti-jihadist operation in the country, in a report by Human Rights Commission. The High Commissioner “has reasonable grounds to believe” that at least 500 people, including about 20 women and seven children, were “executed by the Malian Armed Forces and foreign soldiers after the area was completely controlled between March 27 and March 31, 2022 in Moura, the report said, compiled from the department’s investigation Human rights of the peacekeeping mission deployed since 2013 in Mali (Minusma).

58 women and girls are victims of rape and other forms of sexual violence said OHCHR, they denounced acts of torture against those arrested. Volker Türk, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, said in a statement that these acts could constitute war crimes and “depending on the circumstances” were crimes against humanity.

The report does not clearly identify “outsiders”. But he repeated Mali’s official statements about the support of Russian “guides” in the fight against jihadists and the alleged remarks by the head of Russian foreign affairs Sergei Lavrov about the presence in Mali of Russian private security forces Wager. The United Nations reports testimony gathered by its investigators describe these foreigners as white men in tired suits speaking an “unknown” language.

As documented in the report, the events in Moura, which have been the subject of conflicting accounts for a year, were among the worst in a country familiar with atrocities committed by jihadists and other armed groups since 2012.

The report is the most damning document ever produced against Malian forces, which have been accused of numerous acts in the past.

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