Crown Prince Moulay El-Hassan’s 20th Birthday Celebration: The next leader to lead Morocco into a prosperous future

The Moroccan royal family and the country are celebrating the 20th birthday of Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan. The crown prince is multilingual, speaks several languages ​​and is enrolled in the faculty of administration and economic and social sciences at a Moroccan university.

He became more and more involved in public life, representing his country at many international events and presiding over important ceremonies. As Moroccans across the country celebrate Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan’s 20th birthday, there’s a lot of excitement and anticipation about the future of the young prince, who will become his father successor in the north African country.

 Childhood and Education

Named after his grandfather, the late King El Hassan II, the crown prince was born on May 8, 2003 in Rabat, the capital of Morocco. Growing up, he received a well-rounded education that included fluency in many languages, such as Arabic, French, English, and Spanish. In 2020, Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan obtained his baccalaureate degree and enrolled in the Faculty of Administration and Economic and Social Sciences of Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P).

This decision marks his desire to understand the complexities of modern governance and the role that economic development plays in shaping a prosperous future for Morocco.

Participation in Public Life

As the representative of Morocco and the royal family, Prince Moulay El Hassan has become more involved in public life in recent times. He has participated in several international events, including representing his country at the One Planet Summit in Paris in 2017, in which he was the youngest participant. In 2019, the Crown Prince presided over the awarding ceremony of the King Mohammed VI Cavalry Grand Prix during the official diving competition, testament to his interest in sport and his ability to be closer to the people. 

He also attended the launch of the port of Tanger Med II, where he represented King Mohammed VI and helped transform the city into a commercial center in the Mediterranean. In recent years, Prince Moulay El Hassan has taken on even more responsibilities as the representative of his country. In December 2022, he hosted the national football team in the throne room of the Royal Palace in Rabat to celebrate their outstanding performance at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

In addition, the Crown Prince presided over important events, such as the finale of the first edition of the Polo Throne Cup and the inauguration of the Sira Annabaouia Museum and International Exhibition and Islamic Civilizations. His presence at these events underscores his attachment to his country’s cultural heritage and his ability to set an example and inspire a generation of Moroccans.

Looking into the Future

As Morocco looks to the future, Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan is seen as a symbol of hope and a new era of leadership. His fluency in several languages, his dedication to public service, and his interest in governance and economic development make him well-positioned to lead Morocco into a new era of prosperity and new development.

On the occasion of his 20th birthday, Moroccans across the country wish Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan all the best for his future and look forward to the day he ascends the throne and leads Morocco with grace, intelligence, and kindness.

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