Farmer takas Speaker and Attorney General to Court over Anti-LGBTQ+ Legislation

A private citizen, Paul Boama Sefa, dragged the Speaker of the National Assembly and the Attorney General to the Supreme Court. He alleged that two sections violated the Ghanaian constitution regarding how the legislature handled the Human Rights and Family Values ​​Bill, 2021.

He said that while the law has financial implications for the consolidation fund, it has not yet been submitted to parliament along with the tax impact analysis document.

The National Assembly’s Constitution, Law and Parliamentary Committees urged the House of Representatives to pass the bill.

But it looks like it might run into some obstacles. The individual behind this act describes himself as a farmer and private citizen living in the Ashanti region.

Paul said that the Speaker of Parliament has a duty to ensure that all legislative processes are carried out according to the law.

He said the Public Financial Management Act requires that any bill presented to parliament be accompanied by a budget impact analysis.

He said the human rights and family values ​​bill doesn’t come with that Paul referred to the Attorney General’s memo to Parliament in which he made a similar point about the lack of tax impact analysis.

Basically, the plaintiff wants the court to stop the speaker, his deputies, etc. from continuing with any related process until this is followed. The Committee addressed the AG’s concerns in its final report to Parliament.

The individual who referenced this, noted that portions of the bill impose fees on the consolidated fund. However, the Committee indicated that it had noted, through the amendments it is proposing, that the matter would be taken care of.

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