Senegal Ministry of Health: One death from Congo fever

One person has died in Senegal from Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, a viral disease transmitted by ticks, the Health Ministry said on Tuesday. A butcher on duty at the Dakar slaughterhouse was declared ill on April 21 and died on April 22, said Dr. Boly Diop, coordinator of the fight against Congo fever at the Ministry of Health told Sources.

“It is a unique case. We then conduct surveys in the family, occupational and health (of the victim) environment because the disease is contagious. Contacts have been identified and we’ve tracked them down. All samples were negative,” added Mr. Diop.

This death is the first recorded in Senegal this year. Diop said the country had recorded five cases of Congo fever in 2022, including one death.

Congo disease is a zoonotic disease. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), transmission to humans of this dengue is “by tick bites or by contact with the blood or tissues of infected animals, during or shortly after killing”. surgery”.

The majority of cases have been found in livestock workers, breeders, slaughterhouse staff and veterinarians, according to a leaflet from the Senegalese Ministry of Health.

According to the WHO, person-to-person transmission “can occur after direct contact with the blood, secretions, organs or biological fluids of infected subjects”

Dengue virus causes death in 10 to 40% of cases.

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