National Cathedral a waste of our national resources – Dr Anthony Yaw Baah

General Secretary of the General Assembly of Trade Unions, Dr Anthony Yaw Baah has called on the government to cut spending on all non-essential government spending. According to the TUC, the current economic downturn could be ameliorated if the government shifted money from non-essential spending to more efficient businesses that create jobs and income.

Speaking at the 2023 May Day parade in Bolgatanga, the TUC Secretary General called on the government to stop spending on non-essential assets such as the National Cathedral.

He suggested that it would better serve the country if the project was converted from a large church into a national hospital instead.

“We have to change the situation on our own as Ghanaians. We strongly believe that government can help us out of this crisis and it can by cutting non-essential spending, including the need to stop spending hard earned income on a national church.

“The President has always said that he wants to create another Notre-Dame Cathedral in Ghana so that we can attract more visitors, but we disagree. In fact, comrades, it would be better to convert this project to a national hospital.” he said.

He went on to reiterate his call for the government to downsize cut costs. “Mr. President, you can also reduce the size of your government. Ghana has too many ministers and deputy ministers.

This year’s May Day celebration is themed; “Protecting incomes and pensions in times of economic crisis: our responsibility.

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