Kenya fanatic dead: 21 bodies found during ‘hunger cult’ investigation

Kenyan police have exhumed 21 our bodies close to the coastal metropolis of Malindi, as they inspect a preacher stated to have advised fans to starve to death.

Dead kids had been amongst the ones exhumed, and police stated they anticipated to locate even extra our bodies. The shallow graves are in Shakahola wooded area, wherein 15 individuals of the Good News International Church had been rescued ultimate week. Preacher Paul Mackenzie Nthenge is in custody, pending a courtroom docket appearance. State broadcaster KBC defined him as a “cult leader”, and mentioned that fifty eight graves have up to now been identified.

One of the graves is assumed to incorporate the our bodies of 5 individuals of the identical family – 3 kids and their parents. Mr Mackenzie has denied wrongdoing, however has been refused bail. He insists that he close down his church in 2019. He allegedly advised fans to starve themselves so as to “meet Jesus”. The Kenyan each day The Standard stated pathologists will take DNA samples and behavior assessments to decide whether or not the sufferers died of starvation.

Police arrested Mr Mackenzie on 15 April after coming across the our bodies of 4 human beings suspected of getting starved themselves to death. Victor Kaudo of the Malindi Social Justice Centre advised Citizen TV “while we’re on this wooded area and are available to a place wherein we see a huge and tall cross, we recognise which means extra than 5 human beings are buried there”.

The preacher allegedly named 3 villages Nazareth, Bethlehem and Judea and baptised fans in ponds earlier than telling them to fast, The Standard reports. Kenya is a non secular state and there had been preceding instances of human beings being lured into dangerous, unregulated church buildings or cults.

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