Diplomat “China is prepared to resolve differences with Philippines”

PHILIPPINES, MANILA — China`s overseas minister stated Saturday his country is trying to co-operate with the Philippines to clear up their longe standing difference as tensions increase over Beijing’s conduct in the disputed South China Sea and Manila’s deepening navy cooperation with the U.S. Foreign Minister Qin Gang held talks in Manila together along with his Philippine counterpart, Enrique Manalo, and was set to meet with President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. some days before he travels to Washington for talks with President Joe Biden.

China has warned that a deepening security alliance between America and the Philippines must not damage its security and territorial pursuits and intervene in long-simmering territorial disputes in the South China Sea. Beijing has criticized a current pack between the Philippines and the U.S. to provide U.S. forces entry to extra military camps. The deal permits American forces to set up military staging grounds and surveillance outposts in the northern Philippines throughout the ocean from Taiwan, which Beijing claims as its territory, and in provinces facing the South China Sea, which Beijing claims surely in its entirety.

“We are ready to work collectively with Philippines to enforce the consensus of each leaders, preserve China-Philippine ties in the proper direction, protect the general scenario of our bilateral relationship, working collectively to continue our friendship, deepen useful cooperation, and rightly clear up our difference in the spirit of credibility, consultation, and dialogue,” Qin said to reporters. Manalo stated he was hoping the talks will offer an possibility to make “a few headway in addressing simple issues and challenges.”

The Philippines has filed not more than two hundred diplomatic protests in opposition to China last year, inclusive of at least seventy seven since Marcos took office in June. Most of protest relate to China’s aggressive conduct in the South China Sea, which included targeting a Philippine coast guard with a navy boat with grade laser in February.

Washington lays no claims to the contested waters however has challenged Beijing’s huge claims, by deploying warships and fighter jets and time and again caution that it might assist guard the Philippines — a treaty ally — if Philippine forces, ships and plane are attacked. Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan additionally have overlapping claims in the seaway, which sits atop full-size deposits of oil and gas.

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