Barry Humphries: Comedian Sir Les Patterson pass away aged 89

Australian entertainer Barry Humphreys, best known for his comedy character Dame Edna Everage, has died at the age of 89.

The star was hospitalized in Sydney in March due to complications from hip surgery. He fell in February. Humphreys’ most famous creations were hits in the UK in the 1970s and her own TV chat show, the Dame Edna Everage Experience, appeared in the late 1980s. Among his other characters is the depraved drunk Sir Les Patterson.

In a statement, his family remembers him as someone who “was completely himself to the very end, never losing sight of his brilliant mind, unique spirit and chivalrous spirit”.
They say Humphries’ fans are “precious to him” and say his characters, “who have made millions laugh, will live on”.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese paid his respects shortly after news of Humphries’ death was announced. “A great mind, a satirist, a writer and an absolute one-of-a-kind, he is both gifted and a gift.” Mr. Albanese said. Melbourne-born Humphries moved to London in 1959, appearing on West End shows like Maggie May and Oliver! Inspired by the absurdist and avant-garde art movement Dada, he became a leading figure in British comedy alongside contemporaries such as Alan Bennett, Dudley Moore and Spike Milligan. Comedian Rory Bremner described Humphreys in a tweet as “lightning fast, destructive, mischievous… and utterly hilarious.” “We’re losing our historic record,” he said as he left. Welsh actor and comedian Rob Brydon also described Humphreys as “a truly amazing man who has been a huge inspiration to me” and said he was “a pleasure to call him” My friend”.

He said he was with him just three days ago and “he made me laugh like always”. Australian actor Jason Donovan tweeted a picture of himself with Dame Edna and said that Humphreys was “just an entertainment genius”. “This is possible!” In 1955, Humphreys married Mrs. Humphreys, a housewife in Mooney Ponds, a suburb of Melbourne. He introduced Norman Everage into university productions. It was the first iteration of his tough personality that defined his career.

Humphreys said his creation should only last a week. Instead, he transforms into Dame Edna, his colorful and heartbreaking comedic alter-ego who has captivated viewers in Australia and beyond for decades. He said that the character was based on his own mother. “Edna was shy at first,” Humphries told the Guardian in 2018. “It was unbelievable! She’s become more outrageous over the years and is known for her lilac red hair, flamboyant glasses and her catchphrase: “Hello marsupials!” Dame Edna surprised then-Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, at the Royal Variety show in 2019 when she sat near the two and joked that “they found me a seat.” better” before continuing. Humphries has appeared as Dame Edna on stage, screen and print throughout her long career. Humphries even wrote an autobiography,

My Gorgeous Life, as the character. His other famous stage and screen characters include Sandy Stone and Grandpa. In 2016, he said of Stone, “I finally feel like I’ve become him.” Humphreys has also presented six episodes of BBC Radio 2, the latest being a three-part series of BBC Centenary. Radio 2 CEO Laura Basson said her series ‘Barry Humphreys’ Forgotten Masterpiece of Music’ has made a big impression on viewers and will be shown on BBC Sounds today as a tribute to the comedians.

His other popular characters on stage and screen included the more grandfatherly Sandy Stone. In 2016, he said of Stone, “I finally felt like I turned into him.” Humphreys has also presented six episodes of BBC Radio 2, the last of which is the three-part BBC Centenary Series. Radio 2 CEO Laura Basson said her series “The Forgotten Musical Masterpieces of Barry Humphreys” has been a hit with viewers and will be featured on BBC Sounds today as a tribute to the comedian.

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