Australian father set world record for most push ups just to show his son nothing is impossible

An Australian father has set a new international record for push-ups, finishing extra 3,206 in only one hour –that`s fifty three each minute, or nearly one a second.

Lucas Helmke powered through the push-ups at his nearby health club in Brisbane to claim the title set by another Australian guy last year – it`s the fourth time a  new record has been set for the accomplishment in 3 years.

An accountant by trade, the 33 old father informed Guinness World Records he desired to “offer inspiration” for his one year old son by displaying to him “nothing is impossible.”

Each push-up needed to be perfect to satisfy the requirements required for an legitimate international record.

Helmke was required to preserve his body directly on his way up, without bending his knees and waist, while reaching at least 90-degree perspective on the elbow while he diminished himself.

Australian guy Lucas Helmke was required to hold best shape even as finishing the push-ups in his nearby health club in Brisbane.

He was docked 34 push-ups because of fallacious shape, and but he went on to overhaul record-setters that came before him.

The preceding record was set by Daniel Scali, who preformed 3,182 push-ups, in April 2022.

Helmke smashed the world record on the Iron Underground health club in November last year and has been currently knowledgeable by Guinness World Records that his record was approved. Two preceding record holders had been Australians.

Posting the certificates on his Facebook last month, he wrote: “This one eventually came through.”


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