Joe Biden fires up to announce his re-election campaign

U.S. President Joe Biden stated on Friday he is going to run for a second term and would officially announce his re-election campaign “incredibly soon.”

“We`ll announce it incredibly soon. But the trip here has bolstered my optimism of what must be done,” Biden reporters at the end of an emotional experience to Ireland. “I have said it my plans is to run again.”

Biden has long stated he will run for re-election however since no formal statement has been given supporters are unsure if the 80 year old Democrat, one of the oldest international leaders, could simply decide to run again.

Yet at the back of the scenes, close aides and allies have already started setting things in place to star campaign and fundraising tools ahead 2024 bid that is a re-run of the 2020 match-up with Republican ex-president Donald Trump, who has already started his campaign.

Biden’s predicted pitch is to “complete the job” after the first term that covered numerous legislative wins, which include billions of dollars in federal budget to address the COVID-19 pandemic and for new infrastructure.

But Biden’s age makes his re-election bid a historic and unstable gamble for the Democratic Party, which faces a hard election map to maintain the Senate in 2024 and is the minority in the House of Representatives now.

Biden’s approval scores are caught in the low 40s; he could be 86 by the end of his second term, 9 years older than the average  U.S. male life expectancy.

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