KSI has apologized for making a racist slur in a recent viral video

YouTuber became boxer KSI has apologized for creating a racist slur in a latest YouTube video.

The British rapper, actual call Olajide William Olatunji, additionally says he can be taking a spoil from social media.

He made the slur throughout a video together along with his YouTube organization, The Sidemen, in which they have been gambling a Countdown challenge.

From his choice of letters, KSI created a four-letter derogatory phrase for humans of South Asian origin.

“There`s no excuse, regardless of the circumstances, I should not have stated it and I’m sorry,” the 29-year-antique tweeted.

“I’ve usually stated to my target target market that they should not worship me or placed me on a pedestal due to the fact I’m human.

“I’m now no longer perfect, I’m gonna reduce to rubble in life, and these days I’ve been messing up a lot.”

Newsbeat have contacted representatives for KSI and The Sidemen.

Aisha thinks it is “disgusting” that KSI and The Sidemen did not see something incorrect with the phrase
But a number of KSI’s lovers say they are not satisfied through his apology, and cannot agree with the video made it to YouTube.

“This phrase has a lot hate and anger in the back of it,” Aisha, 21, tells Newsbeat.

“I sense like his more youthful target target market do not see something incorrect with it and that is disgusting.

“The reality that he simply stated it so evenly and casually, together along with his buddies simply giggling approximately it, I simply locate it so disgusting how they noticed not anything incorrect with that phrase.

“And his apology, I simply do not assume it is genuine, either.”

Hamza, who has been keen on KSI, says he is amazed the slur wasn’t edited out the video.

“The reality that it made it directly to YouTube, many humans watched that severe instances and stated ‘Yeah, it truly is fine’,” the 27-year-antique tells Newsbeat.

“And I assume it truly is really well worth noting, due to the fact once more it simply speaks of a normalization of a sure sort of racism.”

KSI and Logan Paul have long gone from boxing foes to power drink partners
Teacher and broadcaster Mehreen Baig additionally criticised KSI for the slur, saying: “This isn’t always comedy.”

“This is horrifically disappointing from KSI and his crew,” she tweeted.

“So a lot of my college students appearance up to those men and they may be casually throwing round a phrase that has constantly been used to bully and assault South Asians.”

KSI discovered reputation with The Sidemen and is often concerned in sketches on their YouTube channel, which has greater than 18 million subscribers.

The video has given that been deleted from The Sidemen’s social media, and the organization were criticized for giggling after KSI stated the slur.

It comes after KSI featured at WWE’s Wrestlemania this weekend as a mascot in a big Prime suit – a nod to his highly a hit power drink.

He turned into accidently placed thru a desk through his former rival – and now Prime commercial enterprise partner – Logan Paul on the event.

In March 2021, KSI apologized for using “transgender slurs” the past, tweeting: “Honestly did not even recognize they have been slurs. I recognize now though.”

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