Bagbin Under Fire on New Tax Bills Approval

Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin, has absolve himself from any wrongdoing in the approval of the new tax bill in Parliament.

According to the Speaker, he did no wrong in the passage of the new tax bill irrespective of the absence of one of the Majority  MPs because of an accident .

He stated he followed laydown rules in the course of the process.

MP for Nanton, Mohammed Hardi Tuferu had an accident on his way to participate in a vote on the new tax bill laid earlier in parliament.

According to the Speaker, he did nothing wrong by including Mr. Hardi Tuferu in the headcounts were carried out on the floor of parliament.

“Members who’re incapacitated shall upon reporting their capacity to the Speaker via the Clerk will be recorded. We have a number of our MPs which were incapacitated and what I did was to invite the Whips to move and evaluate their incapacitation and whether or not they’re of sound mind.”

Despite the unlucky incident, the legislator was aided by his colleagues in the Majority caucus to partake in the vote before been rush to the hospital.

The Speaker told the Whips on each side of the house to make clear the scenario as the MP was being transported to the hospital in an ambulance.

Following the procedures, Speaker Alban Bagbin defined why the lawmaker`s vote was included in the total.

Outcome of the headcount votes indicated that 136 MPs, representing the Minority caucus voted towards the bill while 137 Majority caucus MPs voted to approve the new tax bill.

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